Dealing with computers and all of those tech gadgets can certainly be intimidating and frustrating.   As someone who has the patience and the knowledge to deal with complex technology issues, people have been turning to me for over 25 years to help.


Just think of me as your very own personal technology coach. I will guide you through every stage you find necessary,  from selecting the best equipment for your needs, to setting up and installation, troubleshooting, and most of all I will teach you how to use and make the most of these useful, yet complex devices.  

Whatever your tech issue is, I've got you covered.

We support Apple Macintosh and ALL brands of PC's from Dell, HP, Lenova, Toshiba, Sony, etc.


We will help you select the best hardware for your needs, set it up, transfer your programs and data from your old systems to the new and train you on using your latest equipment.

Best of all we come to YOU or for even quicker service we can help out remotely (if your internet is working)